Allway Sync [Review]

When I first got my flashdrive I knew I needed a program that could sync my data on my flashdrive to my school folder on my computer, without copying and pasting. So, I set out on my search on Google.

I immediately ran upon Allway Sync and fell in love. It looked very simply to use, and it was.

Allway Sync is a very easy-to-use program which allows you to sync multiple folders on as many computers as you want, for free. Yeah, free. And it doesn’t have any spyware, adware, or malware.

You can also install it on a USB drive to sync with whatever computer you may go on in your day, whether it’s your workstation, your cube at work, or a computer at school. This is one of the amazing features in Allway Sync.

Even if you don’t have a flashdrive that needs syncing, you probably want to sync your data somewhere? Whether it’s having more than one computer in your house, or at work that you use, you could find a use for it.

In Allway Sync you can sync to a Network folder, via Windows network protocol, a FTP server, a folder on OffsiteBox, WebDAV folder, or a Microsoft ActiveSync folder.

There are many programs to sync your data out there, but most of them have hard-to-use interfaces, and are just a pain.

Allway Sync’s interface is very easy to use, that’s one thing I absolutely love about it.

And if you don’t like the interface, you can change it to something that looks like a Vista/Windows 7 interface. (I don’t know why you would, the default is very nice.)