Amazon Posting Internal Statistics

Amazon Posting Internal Statistics

This week, Amazon is posting some of there internal statistics of various services.

While Amazon is recently more focused on media partnerships with various video content outlets, the company has noted that, based on service statistics, Amazon’s Prime service is more popular than its free super saver shipping. When Amazon initially rolled out the service, one million items were available to receive free two-day Prime shipping; now after several years since the launch of the service, over 15 million items are available for free two-day Prime shipping.

Although Amazon’s Prime service includes free two-day shipping on most of its products, the service also includes discounted one-day/same-day shipping rates as well as various digital content with its Kindle e-reading service and Amazon’s instant video service (with a backlog of shows and movies available to be streamed instantly). Although Amazon has noted that they have seen a major increase of Prime memberships, they have not given any hard numbers on the amount of members using the service.

Some information they disclose is that in a given week, 96.4 percent of the Prime Instant Video catalog is viewed; video has increased from roughly 5,000 titles at launch to over 22,000 today, the number of titles available through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library has increased from roughly 5,000 at launch to over 180,000 today; and other various information. Additionally Amazon’s Kindle-Only Titles has been downloaded over 100 million times.

This information is just a couple of days away till the company is announcing the next-generation Kindle devices. With the information they sent out, it is likely that they are planning something in conjunction with the announcement of the next-generation Kindle devices. The company has said that they want to bring the devices beyond the US with the launch of the next-generation tablet devices.