Angry Birds Headed To PlayStation


Back sometime ago we reported that Angry Birds was possibly heading to a gaming console near you. From the Official PlayStation Blog, Angry Birds will be introduced to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable units, starting this week as a PlayStation mini title you can enjoy all the Angry Birds fun on your console.

For unfamiliar PlayStation users, minis are smaller games that can be downloaded, without a disk, to the console and played with out a disk. Essentially, like an app for the gaming console. The mini version of Angry Birds is much like the one played on iOS or Andriod devices, where you compete one 63 levels and smash all the pigs you can to get to your goal.

In addition to the PlayStation version of Angry Birds, Rivio, debuted a new feature called “Mighty Eagle” it is an in-app purchase that can provide a guiding hand between the levels to help move you along in the game to keep smashing all those evil green pigs.