Angry Birds: Star Wars Review

Angry Birds: Star Wars Review

If you’re anything like me, Star Wars was the highlight of your childhood. Growing up and watching Star Wars it has a way of sticking with you and keeps getting you excited whenever you see the name. Even better, if you’re a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, you’re in luck, Angry Birds: Star Wars is here and will being back your inner child.

Just like all of the Angry Birds games, there is an iPhone/iPod touch (iTunes link) and iPad (iTunes link) version where it is optimized for the larger or smaller device. The game play is same on both devices but the iPad allows for more screen space to play the game.

As if Star Wars wasn’t in the news enough lately, this time it’s pretty amazing with those famous birds dawning on clothes you see from Star Wars. The birds are also sporting some new abilities that take on a Star Wars-like appeal with guns, lightsabers, and you can even use the force.

Like all the other Angry Bird games your goal is to destroy the pigs, cleverly dressed up as Stromtroopers, and use your abilities to destroy them by any means possible. Each one of the birds has their own abilities that you can use to destroy the pigs, you standard red bird is dressed up as Luke Skywalker and has the ability to use a lightsaber. There is a big black bird that can use the force, and other birds even dressed as C-3PO and R2-D2.

The game play is amazing just like all of the other Angry Birds games, it challenges you to use your thinking skills on how to destroy the pigs in the most efficient way possible and get the highest score. To be clear, Angry Birds is a casual game, it’s not supposed to give you too much of a major story line but just a great game play to pass the time. My personal use of the game is passing the time when I have down time between classes in college.

Angry Birds is certainly an addicting game and the integration of Star Wars is sure to please those who are fans of the franchise. If you have an iPhone or even an iPad, there are two different versions and will provide you with some great game play when you play the game.