Apple Files Patent to Disable Jailbroken Apple Devices

Although the US Government has fully legally authorized jailbreaking, Apple wants to keep it illegal by disabling jailbroken devices. Recently Apple filed a patent that will identify and disable the device for unauthorized use. Currently Apple automatically revokes its warranty on Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads if it is suspected of being jailbroken or other hacks.

The patent was filed on February and recently published. The patent focuses mainly on identifying stolen devices, and protecting sensitive information. However, the patent also says methods on identifying devices that has been jailbroken, hacked, carrier unlocked, or had their SIM cards unlocked. The patent covers how they monitor by monitoring sudden increased memory usage that Apple said “indicate that a hacking program is being run and that an unauthorized user may be using the electronic device”. Upon identifying the device was hacked or jailbroken, Apple would wipe personal data, contact AT&T to terminate service, and shutdown the device.

The patent will, in short, kill jailbroken devices in disguise to protect users from theft, cause it may not be able to determine if the device was stolen or jailbroken.