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Apple iPhone 5 Event Recap

Want to know what happened at the apple event, but don’t have a lot of time? Here is a simple recap of the things Apple announced at the event.

iPhone 5

  • Unibody aluminum body
  • 7.6 mm thick (18% thinner)
  • 112 grams
  • 20% lighter than iPhone 4
  • Apple A6 processor
  • 2 times faster than iPhone 4S
  • 16:9 4-inch panoramic screen
  • Full sRGB
  • Touchscreen sensor built in
  • 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 30 hours of video and 225 hours of standby
  • 8 megapixel camera with backside illumination, and hybrid infrared sensor, and f/2.4 aperture
  • 720p front  FaceTime camera
  • Panorama mode
  • Video face detection
  • Three microphones. One on the top, bottom, and back.
  • Five magnet traducer speakers
  • New lightning connector, which is all digital and has 8 connectors. It is also reversible
  • Comes with dock converter
  • Dual channel Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
  • Comes in black or white
  • 16GB is $199, 32GB is $299, and 64GB is $399 with a 2 year contract
  • Preorder start September 14th
  • Ships September 21st
iPod Touch
  • 6.1 mm thick
  • 88 grams in weight,
  • Aluminum backed with a brushed finish (no more shiny backing)
  • Apple A5 processor
  • 4 inch display
  • Lightning connector
  • Slightly bigger battery
  • 5 megapixel iSight camera with a backside illuminated, f/2.4, 5-element lens and that same sapphire crystal lens cover
  • FaceTime
  • Panorama
  •  iPod Touch loop
  • Siri
  • Various colors including white, black, blue, green, and red
  • 16GB for $199 or 32GB for $249
  • On sale in the holiday season

iPod Nano

  •  2.5 inch multitouch display
  • 5.4 mm thick
  • FM Tuner with DVR functionality
  • Fitness app with pedometer built in
  • Bluetooth with audio streaming
  • Lighting connector
  • Multiple colors including white, black, blue, green, and red
  • $49 for the 2GB, and $149 for the 16GB

Apple EarPhones

  •  Geometrically points to ear canal
  • A port in the back for mid-tones, a port in the stem and of course the main port pointing into your ear to maximize airflow.


  • New interface
  • “edge-to-edge” design
  • More visual look
  • Mini player with the ability to search for a new track without having to expand the app.


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