Apple Releases iOS 4.0.2 To Patch PDF Exploit

Looks like the fix to the PDF Exploits patches are finally released. Apple is pushing out iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone/iPod Touches and iOS 3.2.2 to iPads. The update just patches the PDF exploits that were used to easily jailbreak and unlock the iPhones and iPod Touches and removes the jailbreak and re-locks the phone from being used by different carrier.

Without the patch, users were able to have their jailbreak, although when the user goes to goes to a web page in Safari and loads a simple (yet filled with hidden malicious coding) the phone will cause the device to have a Stack Overflow, giving total access of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (running versions 3.1.2 and higher) to the hacker. The hacker will have the ability to edit, delete, add malicious programs to monitor what the user is doing on the device in the background.

Although the patch provides a fix to the PDF exploits, it removes the jailbreak and the carrier unlock. So if you have the jailbreak installed, best to wait for a while for the fix, or just skip it.