Ask LogicLounge: How To Get Review Units

Ask LogicLounge: How To Get Review Units

Via Facebook from a user named Eoin:

“Hey Can you show me a sample of what you email to companies in regard to getting products to review, I would love just a template I can work off for my channel”

As a blogger and reviewer, one of the biggest things that I have to deal with on a daily basis is contacting companies to try to get review units. While I cannot share with you an exact email that I send to companies, I can share with you tips on what to send companies.

  1. Be sure to contact the companies PR contact/department.
  2. Be short and sweet, not too long and not too short.
  3. If you have a lot of traffic, send a one-page analytics summary.
  4. Be prepared to get a lot of NOs or no responses.
  5. Don’t be afraid to send a follow up email.
  6. Be prepared to possibly send the unit back.
  7. Be honest with your review.
  8. Always leave an open door.

These are my tips and general procedures that I abide by when searching for review units. If you have any tips or comments on this, please share with the rest of our community.