AT&T Cancelling iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

The saga continues. AT&T is simply starting to cancel orders for the iPhone. All of these cancels are send out by AT&T for not reason that can be found. AT&T simply has had too many orders for the new iPhone and they need to turn away people.

Last week has been a cluster of issues from Apple and AT&T with servers meltdowns, privacy breaches, redundant charges and mixed-up shipments. These last couple of weeks has prooved some very hard times for these two companies and the pain isn’t over. Apple and AT&T have been getting many complaints over dropped orders and more recently over the security breach.

If you are one many that got these emails it read something like this:

Your iPhone order has been cancelled.

Your credit card has not been charged.

If you believe you have received this email in error, please return to the AT&T store where you placed your order.


Many people have been calling in to AT&T and Apple asking why it was canceled and why their payment isn’t being returned to them. This leaves Apple and AT&T in a bit spot and they have decided to play the blame game. They have been giving many users the run around telling them that it is the other sides fault of the lack of server capacity. This whole issue is being blamed on the servers not validating the orders correctly. But we’ll see what happens soon enough. Best of luck for the people who have pre-ordered their iPhone 4.