The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio, have done it again. Another amazing game now focuses on the pigs from Angry Birds. Instead of destroying things, your objective is now to build a rolling cart to protect your pig as he collects stars and gets to the finish line before, in some cases, time runs out.

Bad Piggies is a nice casual stratgey game that’ll keep anyone occupied for hours on end as they try to beat the levels and finally save those pigs. The levels are pretty simple to complete, your objective is to create a moving cart to protect your pig while also completing the nessary tasks to get a 3-star rating. These 3-star ratings are varied per the level but involve completeing the level in a certain amount of time, collecting stars, letting your pig survive, and blowing up TNT boxes.

At the end of each row of levels Bad Piggies features a “special” level that takes you on a seperate adventure that follows a story line. The game overall has a great gameplay and follows a nice story looking at the pigs.

Bad Piggies is being released on on mutiple platforms including your desktop. You can download Bad Piggies on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, and even your Mac computer.