Belkin FlipBlade Adjust Review

Belkin FlipBlade Adjust Review

Want to keep your iPad or tablet mounted while at your desk or on a bed side tablet? Check out the Belkin FlipBlade Adjust to get the job done.

This all aluminum and rubber stand is fully adjustable and can fit most tablets. The stand is made fully out of the rigid aluminum and has rubber in key areas. The rubber is there to keep your tablet secure against the stand while also keeping it from grinding aluminum on your tablet.

If you have something like an iPad rubbing up against the aluminum stand, it can create scratches on your device. That’s why the rubber is there to keep your device safe.

The stand can hold most tablets ranging from the Nexus 7 all the way up to the iPad. With a full range of adaptability you can have the tablet sitting upright or put it into an almost flat state, great for typing.

Check out the Belkin FlipBlade Adjust on Amazon and consider getting it for yourself.