Bing Attacks Google in New ‘Scroogled’ Ad Campaign

Bing Attacks Google in New ‘Scroogled’ Ad Campaign

Microsoft’s Bing just came out with a new ad campaign that takes direct aim at Google calling their product search all ads. This new ad campaign is marked to those who use Google Product Search to find products to buy. Usually you will see companies use a foe company that resembles the target company, this time it was a direct call out.

The aim of the ad is to convince those who use Google Product Search that all of the top search results in the product search are advertisements sold to the highest bidder. The ad points out that seacrching for ‘relevance’ is really how much money someone has paid Google to put their products front and center.

At the end of the advertisement they define a new word, Scroogled.

Scroogled [skr-oo-gulled]

1. The new Google practice of selling their shopping search results to a high bidder.

See also: bamboozled; befuddled; duped; flimflamed; hoodwinked; hornswaggled

The advertisememt isn’t all in bad taste, Bing looks to be breaking out facts and not making things up. The advertisement was very well made and even though I don’t use Bing or Google Product Search is a nice advertisement overall.

This also isn’t the first time Bing has come out with an advertisement directly attacking another company. Earlier in the year Bing came out with an ad, like the Pepsi comparison ads, that asked people to look at Bing and Google search results and asked which one they thought was better. Of course it came out in favor of Bing and they even offered the website online for those to try out.

It’s simply just another advertisement between two bickering companies, I’m sure Google will go on attack now.