Canon T1i Unboxing

If you’re just an amateur photographer trying to get into professional photography or a professional photographer looking for a camera, we’ve found one of the best higher entry level cameras in the market that you might be interested in. The Canon Rebel T1i is a high quality DSLR that packs quite a punch for a camera of its price range and size. The T1i boasts a 15.1 megapixel sensor and HD 1080p video recording. This camera, when bought with a kit, comes with an 18-55mm stock lens that takes great high quality pictures. And with included software you can hook your camera up to your computer and remotely take photos or videos with your camera.

For anyone who takes photos constantly and wants them to be high quality and in focus, this is the camera to get. This camera definitely has its high and low points. The Canon T1i boasts high resolution and broad sensitivity, HD movie mode and HDMI output, VGA screen with accurate live view and remote control, and RAW software supplied. All cameras though have their downside, such as a need for decent optics to exploit resolution, 1080p only at 20fps, and no external mic input.

We have to say that this camera has more ups than downs and is very highly recommended for any entry level professional photographer.