Ustream Problem

This story first broke from a very good friend of ours at the blog, where the Community Manager, Kat Armstrong was reportedly being blocked from accessing from her ISP. What we were able to findout right now is that it is happening to some ISP in some locations, but is being majorly affected to RoadRunner users. Some users were reporting that when trying to watch a live video, all it shows is a black screen on the flash Ustream Player and when trying to access the site, it greets users saying that the content cannot be viewed, and to contact the provider. We been also getting reports that when some users are contacting their provider, the site gets magically unblocked five minutes later. From what we know is that it is happening to to some ISPs (RoadRunner and Bell South) in some locations, and it is not a DNS issue.

Please visit the original article can be found here, so please take a moment to read the full article at the blog:

[Source Chris.Pirillo]