Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer As Most Used Browser

Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer As Most Used Browser

Google Chrome is more popular than it seems to be. According to StatCounter data and statistics (based from 15 billion page views in the company’s network), Google Chrome recently overtook Internet Explorer as the most used internet browser in the world, ending Internet Explorer long reigned title it obtained back in the late 90’s since the fall of Netscape. When StatCounter got statistics from May 14th to May 20th, it showed that Google’s Chrome has a market share of 32.76 percent and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has a market share of 31.94 percent (almost a full percent); and in the United States specifically, Google Chrome has a market share of 37 percent while Internet Explorer has a market share of only 26 percent. The big leap for Google was caused by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer loosing two percent of it market share in the past four weeks.

Even though it may look like Internet Explorer is falling behind Google Chrome, Microsoft is not accepting the results. When Google Chrome past Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for a day on March 18, Microsoft had ranted about the company’s statistics for using raw information and  for counting the pre-rendering Google Chrome does in the background. Since then, as of the first day of May, StatCounter had adjusted its data stats to reflect on the actual page views, removing the pre-rendered pages it had collected previously.

Also, in the data, Google’s mobile browser for Android, Android Robot, has made significant jump past Opera in the most popular mobile browser in the world. Giving Google to also celebrate.

Even though Microsoft Internet is lagging behind, Microsoft has been actively working on their browser with Internet Explorer 9 and has been mass advertising the browser on television. Though it sounds like it is still not helping.

Now to get businesses to drop Internet Explorer.