Cooler Master Cube Review

Cooler Master Cube Review

Your tablet is almost useless when sitting flat on a table, use the Cooler Master Cube to prop it up and get more use out of it.

The Cooler Master Cube is a nice tablet stand that works perfectly for any tablets ranging from 7-inches all the way up to 11-inches. The stand is fully adjustable up to 135-degrees and has rubber on the essential parts to keep your tablet from being scratched.

The Cube is great for those who want to mount up their tablet in a more viewer friendly way while keeping it secure on your desk. It is quite a bit heavier than other stands you will see on the market, this of course is due to all the aluminium that is used to make it. I believe the weight is actually a good thing because it’s less likely to tip over then other lighter stands.

While the stand is a bit weighty it can sill fold down into a compact shape, excellent for travel. Although, you still have the weight there and may run into some issues if you need to travel very light weight.

Overall I’m very impressed with the Cube and will be using it on my desk to keep my laptop propped up while working so that I can still reference it at time.

The Cooler Master Cube is available from Amazon and can be a perfect gift or something to splurge on for yourself.