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Could Google Chrome netbooks cost more than Windows netbooks?

There have been some rumors that Google’s new Chrome OS might actually cost more than the cheap Windows netbooks.  That is because Google has set specific hardware requirements for the new Chrome OS.  There are rumors that Google has been working on not just the OS itself, but also Google might be making an actual netbook.

In my opinion, as light as Google Chrome OS is, you wouldn’t need an SSD and 2 gigabytes of RAM.  But, then again, if you are multitasking with more than a couple windows open, you might need it.  Google is definitely wanting Google Chrome OS to be the “best” operating system for a netbook.  That would make sense because Google has a high  expectation for their products.


Aaron Herman
Aaron Herman
Aaron has been around technology since his family's first computer. He loves to fix computers and other electronic things. Aaron loves IRC and other social media technology. Aaron is currently taking AeroSpace Engineering and other engineering and programming classes. Follow him on Twitter! @AaronHerman4

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