DockView For Mac Review

DockView For Mac Review


One of the key feature in Windows 7 is Aero Peek, a feature that allows users to peek into the desktop and running programs. But what if one wants the feature on their mac. DockView comes in.

 Like Windows 7/8’s Aero Peek, the app is capable of peeking the app from the dock (or taskbar in Windows) and when you are CMD-tabbing (or alt-tab in Windows) through running programs.

In addition to having the ability to peek into running programs, you can control how the app is peeking into programs; whether to show window previews in the dock, show window previews when you are CMD-Tabbing through running programs, show full-sized previews, ignore minimized or hidden windows, specify the distance/position/size/design of the preview window, and control how long before it is shown and how long is it shown.

Much like Aero Peek in Windows 7, DockView is capable of controlling a handful of programs from the dock (or taskbar in Windows). As of right, DockView is able to skip, play and pause content running in iTunes and VLC; play and pause content running in Quicktime; show upcoming events from iCal; and retrieve mail from the Mail app.

Even though this app brings in Aero Peek from Windows 7/8, DockView does not completely replicate the feature in Windows 7/8. Although the DockView can peek into running programs on the mac, the app cannot peek into the desktop of the computer (but hey, who needs that). Another issue is when peeking into another program; unlike Aero Peek, which has a fluid playback of running programs, DockView can only pull in a couple of frames per second when peeking into the program (not much of a problem, mostly to reduce CPU/memory use).

Overall, it is a nice app for people who want some of the features from the Windows 7/8 operating system or someone who is moving away from the frustration in Windows 8. The app is regularly $8 in the Mac App Store, but you can demo the app as long as you want for free (though it shows an alert once in a while). You can learn more about the app at DockView’s website.