Dropbox Surpasses 25 Million Users As Popularity Explodes

Dropbox has made some exponential gains in 2011 already, surpassing 25 million users and handling over 200 million files per day.

Dropbox is a simple program that brings so much together to sync your life. The service is free and offers online storage up to 2GB for a free basic account. Just like web-based email clients Gmail and Yahoo Mail users can upload any file they want and gain access to it anywhere. Users can even expand upon that space by referring users and gain up to 8GB of total free space that is theirs for life. For anything over that limit you’ll have to fork over the dough for either a 50GB or 100GB plan.

This is an amazing services that offers a safe and free way to store data. For the users who have not caught on already, they are catching on quickly and making this massively popular company even bigger. In the past year Dropbox has grown enormously to the amount of 25 million users. In the last year the file storage service grew 4 million users as opposed to 2009 which it only grew 2 million users. According to Dropbox’s information, those 25 million users are remotely storing 200 million files per day, doing a little math that it is 1 million uploads every five minutes.

Cloud storage services is all the rage and Dropbox has their fair share of competitors. Services that use the cloud get kudos for offering the ability to sync all files across multiple platforms. Mobile applications and desktop clients are a big plus when they work on all operating systems, offering instant access to the remote content is key for users who have multiple internet-connected devices and like to work on all platforms when on-the-go.

For users the free 2GB of storage is plenty for the average user who is interested in storing important documents or pictures.

It’s safe to assume that most of the 25 million users are signed up for the free package that offers the 2GB of storage. In a work environment businesses take advantage of the service’s sharing features to distribute documents to groups of workers.

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