Evernote Clearly for Google Chrome [REVIEW]

Evernote Clearly is a remarkable Google Chrome extension that makes reading your favorite websites not only easier, but much easier. This extension enables you to wipe away all the extra menus and extra tidbits that typically surround an article and delivers to you just the important data in a way that is best suited to your needs. Basically, it gets rid of the distracting tidbits of information and leaves only what you came to read.

Through theming, you can customize the font and background of the site overlay so that every page is clear and concise. You can even use the extension to print a page without all the extra nonsense so many poorly-written sites throw on to your printouts.

Do you use Evernote already? Clearly also allows you to quickly and easily clip information from articles and save them to Evernote for future reading.

There are some upsides and downsides to this extension, however. For example, content creators may not favor it as it wipes ads which help support the site out of the reader’s point of view. In addition, if vital information is kept outside of the HTML article tags, there’s a change it won’t appear on Clearly. While the extension itself is quite smart, it is far from perfect.