Facebook Launches Send Button

In another release from Facebook we get the death to the “Email to a Friend” button. In a move to improve functionality to Facebook we get a button to replace those pesky email buttons.

“Send” as it is named, has a similar feel and look to the already popular “Like” button on Facebook. When a user clicks on Send a pop-up appears and allows you to send the article or page to friends ro anyone with an email address. You can then add a personal message and send the page to the inboxes of your friends or post it to a Group wall.

The button is here to make it easier for users to share content with friends. An important detail that is now apart of Facebook is that a Send now counts towards the total number of Likes a Facebook page has. This means that the Link total is now calculated by adding together the number of Likes, shares, comments and messages containing the URL.

More than 50 major websites are launching with the Send button today, including Gilt Groupe, 1-800-Flowers, The Wall Street Journal, Orbitz, Last.fm, The Huffington Post, People.com and The Washington Post. Along with this the Send button can be embedded on any website, which the code for this can be found on Facebook’s Developer Website. Facebook makes it simple to embed the button on any website in just a couple of minutes.

If trends continue, the Send button will become Facebook’s next Like button, which just celebrated its first birthday. The button is built now to work alongside the Link button that works more on private sharing rather than public sharing. Along with the ability to email to an email address, Facebook has rendered the “email to a friend” button obsolete.