How To Factory Reset Your Android Device


Any device, no matter what, at some point needs to be reset for one reason or another. Reasons could include, you’re selling your device and need to reset it, problems with the system and trying to remedy it with a reset (which works most of the time, or my favorite, my homescreen is getting messy and I want to clean it up.

For those of you with the Android system it’s pretty easy to do. Head off into settings, and go into the “Backup & Reset” menu. There will be many options but you’ll want the last option which is to erase and reset the entire device.

You’ll be prompted to confirm and it’s going to tell you exactly what it’s going to do, then once you confirm your device will reset itself. Now it might take several minutes, even up to an hour to reset the device so keep it plugged in and let it do its thing.