First Look: Apple iPhone 5c Case


While Apple’s iPhone 5c isn’t due out until friday, Apple has begun to deliver the 5c cases ahead of the official launch. The majority of our audience has been asking to see the iPhone 5c up close, we’ll have to wait till Friday to get our hands on it. But in the meantime, we have the case and we can show off its build quality and how it looks.

While some may discount this video as stupid, if you’re someone who is interested in picking up the iPhone 5c this week, taking a look at this case may help you decide on not only getting the iPhone case but also getting the phone itself. We believe that getting a hands on feel of products helps give more accurate reviews and opinions on products over just looking at pictures and specs.

What you’ll notice about this iPhone case is how extremely light it feels and how thin it looks, wrapped around an iPhone it will add minimal weight and bulkiness while still protecting the iPhone and looking fashionable. There are holes cut out all over the place for the different inputs and speakers but the buttons for the wake/sleep function and volume functions are still covered up by the material and can still be used with great ease.

While this is just a first look, we’ll be going into more depth with this case when we get our hands on with the iPhone 5c. Stay tuned!