Get More Out Of The Community

With any sort of blog or online news resource it is only a way one conversation with the writer conveying information and the reader trying to make sense of it all. LogicLounge aims to be more than a tech blog but a community resource. Today Logic Networks, our parent company, announced a major tech resource for you.

The LogicLounge Forums are now open, but these aren’t just any forums, they are a community resource for you. Providing a wide range of tech related topics so that you can ask questions, start conversations, and connect to new people.

The forums aim to start a conversation, but adding in a cool feature that imports the latest tech news into the forum and allows you to respond and start a conversation around that piece of news. Coming from many news sources like Techmeme, CNN and other highly known news resources, you can respond to the open threads and create a conversation by giving your view or opinion.

Engagement from the community provides a information rich environment allowing each member to gain all from the topics they are interested in.

Besides engagement and conversation, we want to help and connect you with the brightest minds in this social media world. When you ask for help in one of the various computer help forums it is out there for the community to see and answer. The community is able to well enough able to help you with almost any problem and in the process you may even gain a friend.

So, please join today and say hello, who knows you could find someone with the same interests.