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Windows Phone 7 Now Available In The US

Microsoft is getting back in the game with their new line of Windows phones. Some phones have already been launched in Europe and other countries. But, today is the first day that you can purchase your very own Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is defintly getting back into the game with their new phone operating system. Being very streamlined and easy to use. Some iPhone users might be seriously considering switching to the Windows phone.

The Microsoft online Store just released their first run phones:

  • HTC HD7 (T-Mobile)
  • HTC Surround (AT&T)
  • Samsung Focus (AT&T)
  • Venue Pro
  • LG Quantum

Amazon Wireless looks to be offering phones as low as $99 when you purchase from them. And Dell looks to be promoting $150 on the Dell Mobility store for their own Venue Pro phone. Lastly, The LG Quantum phone is up for pre-order with Amazon.


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