Socialize Your Life With RockMelt

Today we can all rejoice, the first social browser designed around how you use the web is here.

RockMelt is a revolutionary browser that does more than let you navigate through websites. RockMelt allows users to “share and keep up with your friends, stay up-to-date on news and information, and search” by bringing all of your social media sites into this one browser.

This powerful browser is built on Chromium, which is the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. RockMelt is “built for how you use the Web” and not just how you browse the web.

Currently this browser has some kinks and bugs, but if you are willing to work through them you can sign up for early access, and you’ll get an invitation to this social browser.

For the power users of social media, this browser is a haven for you. Like to tweet and share links? The producers of RockMelt have built the features in so that you can share links directly in the browser. Like a site or story? Click the browsers “Share” button and there you go, automatically shared with your Facebook or Twitter followers.

Having built in features like this in a browser allows you to streamline your social media process. Taking out the clutter of using the sites share button or getting into a different application to tweet out what you want, this browser has it all built in for the pleasure of you.

It’s simple as point and share.

RockMelt is the first ever browser that you log into. Logging in unlocks your powerful Web experience with your Facebook friends, your feeds, your favorite services, even your bookmarks and preferences.

What also makes RockMelt revolutionary is that it is the first browser to be fully backed by the cloud. This means that all of your information is in the cloud so you can use this browser anywhere you surf the internet.

RockMelt keeps track of all your favorite sites for you, alerting you when a new story comes out, a friend posts new pictures, or a new video is available. And when you open a RockMelt feed, the content is already waiting for you. You can Like, comment, reply, retweet, share – all the actions you’ve come to expect from each service you follow.

RockMelt even makes your search faster. With RockMelt architecture you can use your keyboard to flip through Google search results like a magazine and pick the one you want.

After two years of work, RockMelt is still in its infant stages. Be sure to sign up for early access and let the RockMelt team know what you think. Be sure to follow the Twitter account for their latest information.