Google+ API Finally Released From Google

Months ago when Google+ released in beta form, every developer has been asking for API access to start building applications and to see inside. The Google+ API finally released from Google means quickly down the road we’ll be seeing applications integrating Google+ into their services.

This first developer release from Google is steps towards seeing how developers will take the API and create apps and mixing it into other social networks.

Google wants to make it clear that it’s only releasing API access on public data only, meaning you’ll be able to retrieve public posts and public profile data only leaving all private information out of it.

Google notes that there isn’t a lot of API access in this release, developers can only call data from a single person or an action from Google+.

Only data can be accessed and not posted, this means applications like TweetDeck won’t be able to use the API to post directly to Google+.

It has been made publicly known that Google+ is a worthy opponent against Facebook, but developers are coming up short because of the limited access to Google+.

The recent release is a major milestone for the social network and will hopefully be followed up with even more API access for developers in the coming months. We’re now just waiting on Google to release more API access and to finally make the Google+ service public, instead of invite only.