Google Apps For Business Reduces User Limit

Google Apps users are going to find in their account now that only 10 users are free on Google Apps before you have to start to fork over the dough. In a movement to earn more money to the massive company Google is lowering the cap on the free version of Google Apps from 50 to 10 users. Also introduced with this adjustment come monthly payment options, this is to compete with Microsoft’s new small business suite Office 365.

Google is offering this slightly cheaper as compared to Microsoft’s new service. Google announced the changes today on their Google Enterprise Blog.

Google Apps customers after May 10 will have to begin to pay for the service after 10 users. Existing Apps customers are now grandfathered into the old plan and will still have the ability to add up to 50 users before having to pay. As always Google Apps for Education is still completely free with no user limit.

Google Apps customers who signup after May 10 can buy into the new flexible plans starting at $5 per user per month over 10 users. As opposed to Microsoft 365 who charges $6 per user at the cheapest tier of the service. This offer will save some companies money if they downsize and combine accounts. If usage stays the same it is almost cheaper to go for the $50 per year plan.

With the new plans Google introduced a faster setup wizard that will reduce setup time to less than 60 minutes, and will be introducing a signup makes that will only take minutes.