Google Docs Available to Try Without Signing Up

If you know about Google Docs, it is a site where you can store documents and charts and drawings on a service in the cloud. Unfortunately, if you try explaining to someone that doesn’t know about it, it is a really hard task to explaining to the person will he realizes it. Well, Google has a solution.Google just launched a part of the site where new users can demo their full-fledged cloud service without an account with Google (although I think most people have a Google account by now). Their service contains their word processor, spreadsheet, and drawing that are available to be used without an account with Google. On Google docs main page, there is a button named, “Try Google Docs Now”. Upon trying Google docs via the “Try Google Docs Now” button, it sends you to a new generated document and instructions to type something in. Note that the document will only be available for 24 hours. An important feature is that they let you invite other people, registered or unregistered, via a URL link to collaborate and edit it. Although this is not a huge breakthrough, but it is a way to get people to try to use Google docs.