WWDC 2010 Roundup

With Steve Jobs’s keynote at WWDC, there is some new things out and some rumors that are now true. There were over 5,200 attendees from over 50 countries and sold out on tickets in 8 days.

It starts out with many applause and comments saying “We love you Steve!”, which Steve responds back “Thanks I think.” Steve first talked about some updates for the iPad (changing the experience of many things).  Then Steve quotes that he was sitting in a cafe with his iPad and got a girl interested in him which he says it is proof. Steve said that they sold about 2 million iPads (about 1 every 3 seconds) and shows press coverage in the United States and international. Steve states that currently the iPad is in 10 countries and will hit 19  countries by July. Steve also states that there are 8,500 apps in the app store and of those app, it was downloaded 35 million times. Steve shows an email from a friends and states that he earned more in the first day than 5 years of Google ads. Currently publishers say that the eBook sales are 22%. Steve also says that they made changes in the iBook like notes, new bookmarks in a new page to show the notes and bookmarks. Steve also said that users can now store PDF on the iBook.

Steve then goes on talking about the HTML5 format and says “Anyone can write HTML5 apps. The second one is the App Store. It’s the most vibrant app store on the planet.” Steve goes on and tells about the processing of the app saying that they get 15 thousand apps a week and in 30 different languages. Of the apps submitted, 95% gets approved in 7 days, says Steve. Steve points out that the 3 reasons that apps don’t get approved is that:

  1. The app doesn’t do what you said it would
  2. It uses private APIs
  3. They crash

Then Steve highlights the eBay app with 15 million downloads and did $600 million of volume the last year and going to do $1.5-$2 billion this year.

Then Steve mentions that the Netflix iPhone app is now out. Reed Hastings comes in and says, “”We just launched Netflix for the iPad, and it’s been a huge success. It’s the  number 1 most downloaded in entertainment apps. But I’m happy to announce Netflix for iPhone coming this summer, for free.” He also mentions that you can pickup where you left off from any device. He also mentions that it takes advantage of Apple’s adaptive bitrate technology, which means it can go 3G.

They next talked about bring out Famville for the iPhone and iPad that will come in June and talks about helping Hati with the money raised and talks withering crop notifications. They next brought up Activision which talks about a new Guitar Hero game with new mechanics to make the game play perfect and says that the app is out today for $2.99.

Steve comes back in and talked that they reached the 5 billion downloaded mark and paid developers over $1 billion and shows a check made out to developers on screen.

Steve later talks about how they changed the thoughts of a smartphone and then the 3G and 3GS phones. Then Steve introduces the iPhone 4. With over 100 new features, Steve only showed 8 (due to timing). Steve shoes that it has a all new design, 24% thinner than the 3GS making it the thinnest phone in the world, volume controls, front facing camera, micro-SIM tray, Apple A4 processor, a camera with a LED flash on the back of the phone, dual mics, GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope , and 802.11 N Wi-Fi, and a 960 x 640 display with 800:1 contrast ratio in a 3.5 in display. Steve also demonstrates the lines on the phone as the band as part of the antenna for the 3G system. Steve showed out the bettery life expectancy with:

  • 7 hours of 3G talk
  • 6 hours of 3G browsing
  • 10 hours of WiFi browsing, and video
  • 40 hours of music

Steve said the iPhone  4 can be in black or white for $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. Steve also said that  AT&T will allow current iPhone users to upgrade to the iPhone 4 if  their contracts expires in 2010. Steve stated the phone will be available on June 24 with Pre-orders on June 15.

Steve also shows an application called Retina display that will increase the pixel density by 4 times at 326 pixels per inch. Steve demonstrates that the camera with now a 5 MP camera with the 5x digital zoom, tap to focus, and an LED flash. Steve also mentions that since with the 5MP cammera, the new iPhone can not do 720p video at 30 FPS. With the option to record HD video, Steve shows iMovie app for the iPhone (for $4.99 in the app store). iMovie app for the iPhone looks basically the desktop version, but for the iPhone. Randy Ubillos came on sage to demonstrate the app with a timeline, geo-locate, and says that there is 5 different themes.

Steve later shows that the iPhone OS name will drop the phone from its naming, calling it now iOS 4 (which was licenced by Cisco who owns the name). Steve demonstrates the OS with folders, unified inbox, tethering, and audio controls by swiping left or right on the dock. Steve also mentions that the OS will now introduce Bing as an option of search, but keeping Google in the options. The iOS 4 is currently out today.

Steve later mentions that the same iBook app coming to the iPad will be on iPhones and ipod touches on the iOS 4. Steve says that the same book can be downloaded on different devices, including notes and bookmarks, at no cost.

Steve shows iAd and demonstrates the ad will not take you away from the app, and shows the brands that will be advertising which are committing to $60 million. Steve demonstrates the nissan ad and signs up an account with [email protected].

Steve mentions that the iOS 4 will be free on June 21 to iPhone and iPod Touches (excluding the 1st gen) and not all features will be available for 3G and iPod touches.

The last thing Steve mentions about the device is that there is now video calling only from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 via Wi-Fi (no 3G). Steve shows a video about the video calling.

The keynote ends with video about the making of the products, talking about Apple being more than a tech  company, and listing off the team members to applause.