Google Glass Not Expected To Reach Europe Soon


While Google plans to release Google Glass sometime next year in the states, it has some pressing issues with the rest of the world; especially in places like Europe.

In a hosted show and tell in Brussels on Monday, Google demonstrated and sowed off Google Glass to a group of lawmakers and journalists. The Wall Street Journal reported that one of the things mentioned were that Google Glass were years away from reaching the European market.

One of the issues to the delay is the issue over privacy and the use of glass. When Google unveiled the glass, many official and privacy activists were spooked at an easily accessible camera. Google has since said that the headset is not designed to take snapshots in public and then processes images through facial recognition or scan Facebook photos while communicating with people. The other legal issue is with the use of the Glass while driving. As of right now, the US and UK has since prohibited the use of Glass while driving.

While one of the factors to this delay is the raise of privacy issues, one other notable reason for the delay is due to the voice recognition in the Glass with accents other than American English. As Google Glass heavily relies on voice commands, having a device that can’t detect accent well makes the device mostly unusable (and the things that are still unusable, it will be a major hurdle to do). While the voice recognition does not have an issue with languages like American English, it is reported to have issues with other languages that makes voice recognition unusable on the Glass.

Google plans to have more show and tell events in the week ahead in Germany and in Paris.