Google, Gmail, and YouTube Go Offline

Google, Gmail, and YouTube Go Offline

As I’m writing this post Google, Gmail, and YouTube are all offline and cannot be accessed at this time. It is unknown at this time if it is related to the Hurricane Sandy or something unrelated. The site was only offline for a short amount of time, only 10 minutes but caused a mass panic all around the internet.

Since the moment it went down there was a surge of Tweets on Twitter and postings on Facebook asking if Google was down for just them or everybody else. When I first got word of it I checked out all of the Google sites including YouTube, Google+, and even their own search engine was down.

You would think that a website going down was not a problem but for a websites such as Google and YouTube when they go down it can cause mass confusion and panic. If you think about it, these two mega websites have hundreds of thousands of hits every second.

Many people rely on Google’s sites on a daily basis, I personally use Gmail and Google Apps on a daily, even hourly basis to do business. And for LogicLounge YouTube is part of our money-maker, if sites like YouTube are down for even a moment that is money that no only LogicLounge but Google isn’t making.

To wrap up this post, let us know what you use Google for beyond just searching.