Google+ Live Hangout with Mike Kane of Cell Helmet TODAY [LIVE]


Look below at the LIVE recording of our interview with Mike Kane, if you have any questions leave a comment and we could ask him it.

Today [Friday, May 11th] at 7pm EST we will be doing a Live Google+ LIVE Hangout with Mike Kane. Mike is the CEO/Co-Founder of makers of the Cell Helmet. This hangout will be live on our Youtube page and right here!

The Cell Helmet is the FIRST iPhone case that guarantees your iPhone. We will talk to Mike about the features of Cell Helmet, Manufacturing Challenges, and our favorite the use of alternative funding (Kickstarter) to fund this project. We will also leave times for questions at the end so tweet and comment those questions!

We look forward to giving you a full review of the Cell Helmet when it comes out later this month. Did we mention the Cell Helmet is made right here in the USA.

Update July 7, 2012

Cell Helmet released this awesome promo!