Google Sets New Traffic Record

In their earnings call last week, Google announced a record 2010 third-quarter revenue of $7.29 billion (up 23%). The market exploded and Google’s shares shot past $615 giving Google a market cap of more than $195 billion.

This month, Google has shattered an Internet traffic record by gaining more than 1% of all Internet traffic share since January. If Google were an ISP, they would rank as the second largest ISP on the planet right behind Level3 which is a major backbone carrier for many ISP networks.

According to the latest numbers Google now represents about 6.4% of all Internet traffic around the world. Google is growing considerably faster than overall Internet volumes which are already increasing 40-45% each year.

While its not news that Google is BIG, what is more amazing is how much Google continues to grow.

Atop that, Google now has direct peering with around 70% of all providers around the world, an increase of ~10% from last year. The only remaining major group of ISPs without direct peering with Google are several of the tier1 ISPs that will not do a settlement-free peer with Google due to regulatory prohibitions or commercial strategy.

[Image via Arbor Networks]