Happy SysAdminDay!

Today is a day of celebration for the system admins, they are the backbone of the company and keep your computer systems up and running. It’s not an easy job, they have to deal with non stop complaints all day and fix the most rudimentary of problems. They work the longest days of anyone at the company, so today tell them to take it easy and leave early.

Their day consists of nonstop work, and of course a little play. We work hard and play hard, today’s a day of celebration. A day in the life of a SysAdmin consists of getting up at 3am to get in before the rest to fix any problems that arise over night before the busy work day. Some time around 8am it’s all hands on deck manning the phones to start answering the problems that pour in every day. Usually there’s a flood and then it trickles off as they day goes along. This allows for time to play with the Nerf guns and shoot each other.

After lunch it’s back to work setting up servers and answering more questions. Work, work, work and some play is what SysAdmins do all day. They are a strong force and deserve to be recognized for what they do. Get out there and meet your SysAdmins and tell them thank you for all their hard work.

[Image from RackSpace]