Data Storage 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The internet is not just about browsing it anymore, it’s about how we store our data online and how large enterprises manages that data. Data growth is in the top three priorities for 47% of enterprises but should be for a lot more. There’s a very steady and rapid growth of file creating and with it showing no slow down we have to wonder how companies are taking on this very demanding task.

25 years ago, in 1986 only 1% of data was stored in a digital format. Today, 94% of all data is stored in an electronic format, that’s a huge jump in only 25 years. Large companies are storing as much as 7 exabytes of data and regular consumers are weeding through 6 exabytes. While users are generating 75% of this data, enterprises are responsible for 80% of the information stored.

The well thought out and detailed infographic below illustrates all of the data storage tactics that enterprises are taking into account. There are some very interesting statistics about how our data is growing online and how everything is being stored. Hopefully this will better educate you on how your data is stored with many companies and how safe it is.

Click the image below for a larger version:

[via Rackspace]