History Of Linux [INFOGRAPHIC]

The history of Linux is an interesting one and one to not be forgotten. With out the evolution of Linux we would probably be in a world where everyone has Windows servers that are full of insecurity. Linux is very much the basis of what todays servers run on. A majority of todays super computers run a variation of the Linux kernel because of its stability.

Most of todays modern web pages are powered by Linux because it is a low intensive, high-efficiency workhorse that can take dramatic loads and not crash.

According to the graph a majority of the Linux distribution out there is of Ubuntu, a user-friendly and highly developed free operating system that can work on almost any computer with almost any specs. My five-year old netbook is running it just fine because Windows was crashing on it. It’s defiantly a great distribution to use.

The future for Linux is bright but grim all at the same time. There is fear that people will sue the Linux Foundation and effectively bring down or halt the famous development. But, enjoy this informative graphic below.

Click the image below for a bigger version.