How Has Social Media Changed The News? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Has Social Media Changed The News? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is no doubt that our news today has changed because of social media, not all of it is for the worst. Some of the latest breaking news is reported on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook before there is even a hint of it on the news stations. From studies taken, nearly half of the people surveyed say that they learned about breaking news from social media before the news outlets.

The online news market is growing at a fast rate, the revenues from online media surpassing that of print media this last year alone. Slowly the social media marketplace is gaining traction with news outlets as it becomes the third popular source for finding news after TV and newspapers.

As someone who lives a life online I can tell you that it’s one of the fastest ways that I look at news. When it comes by in my Twitter stream or my RSS feeds (yes I still use RSS feeds), I can quickly look at headlines. I find that so much better than waiting for a TV station to cover a story as much as a couple hours after the fact that it happened.

Social media has defiantly changed the way we take a look at the news. The big question though, is it good or bad that we are looking to social media for news? This infographic by gives you a guide into how the social media market has changed since people started using it for news.

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