How to Apply an iPod Touch Screen Protector

Anyone who owns a iPod Touch or iPhone or any iDevice for that matter should have a screen protector. It not only protects the screen from scratches but keeps your screen free of smudges. I’ve tried out many protectors but the best one that I’ve come across is the SGP STEINHEIL Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for the iPod Touch 4G.

The best thing to know before you buy a screen protector for your iPod Touch is, how to apply an iPod Touch screen protector. As outlined in the simple video you want to make sure you are in a nice clean environment and have the correct materials to properly apply the protector.

But wait hold on, there are many types of screen protectors out there. There are two types but many brands, glossy or anti-glare. Glossy screen protectors provide great protection from scratches but are very reflective and if used outdoors, it can pick up glare. Anti-glare however is frosted and does not reflect, leaving a anti-fingerprint finish. With many glossy protectors, you will end up getting fingerprint and streak marks due to oily fingers and the finish of the protector. Nicely enough, though with anti-glare the frosted finish won’t leave any marks.

Now back to applying the screen protector. You need to have cleaning materials to make the surface of the device as clean as possible so that nothing gets trapped under the protector and cause air bubbles. I recommend doing this in a two step process. First, use a wet cleaning method of some sort, I picked up some wet cleaning cloths specifically for glass that I used for initial cleaning to remove any oil or smudges. Secondly, any decent protector kit will come with some microfiber cloth. You want to gently rub down the whole surface, in this case, the screen and make sure that when you look at it that there is not dust or particles.

The last and hardest part of the whole operation is applying the protector. In the video you can see that I started with a side and lifting only a small corner of the protector off and placed it on, using the side of the screen as a level, then going slow and looking for any dust you may have missed you need to slowly move back the protector and apply it, going slow and using the provided squeegee or card to firmly press it down on the screen. Remember, do not touch the adhesive side of the screen, that can cause finger prints and ruin the adhesive material so it won’t attach properly.

Just remember to go slow and be careful. Again, the product that I recommend for any iPod Touch or iDevice is SGP STEINHEIL, they make cheap and durable screen protectors that old cost you a couple bucks.