How To Beat The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

How To Beat The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

We’re back with a Minecraft video, this time it’s how to beat the game. If you didn’t know, there’s a way to beat the game and that’s to defeat the Ender Dragon.

To get to this area you need to craft the Eye of Ender and throw it in the air to find the underground temple, it will point you the way. Basically, once the Eye of Ender stops going up into the air and sinks into the ground, you’re directly over the cavern and need to dig down. Once you dig down and find the cavern, there will be a portal that you have to fill in with the Eye of Ender and jump into.

From there you’ll be transported to a new world where a giant dragon will be flying around. From here you’ll need to destroy the pillars that are feeding the dragon with health while avoiding the Ender Men.

Once the Ender Dragon’s health is depleted he explodes into experience and an Ender Egg for you to keep as a trophy.

In the video I’ve also included the ending credits for your enjoyment.