How To Protect Your iPod Touch

Protecting your iPod touch is a top priority when getting a new device of the like. The Griffin Survivor case is the ultimate extreme-duty case for those who really want to protect their Apple device. I’ve been grateful enough to receive this device as part of a review program by the company.

The Griffin Survivor case is a fully enclosed case that provides the ultimate protection from shock, wind, rain, sand and vibration. For the worker who takes their Apple device everywhere and subjects it to all-weather conditions you’ll be thankful for this case. It features a dual case design, an internal hard case and an external soft case to absorb shock.

The rugged case is designed to meet U.S./U.K. military standards, so you know you’re getting quality. When I first received the device I was impressed with the feeling in my hand. Although it’s a bulky case, about twice the thickness of the iPod touch, it’s well worth it in the long run for a type of person. The hip clip that comes included with case makes it easy for users to hold their iPod touch without sticking it in their pants and keeps it easily accessible.

The case totally encloses the iPod touch in protective padding, including the screen. The screen is protected with a nice protector that allows you to access and use the device without getting the device dirty.

After using it for a week I only have a couple minor complaints about the device. First being the usability of the buttons, I have been used to the slight push to activate the side volume buttons but with the case I find that I have to use a slightly harder push to get them to activate. Next is the screen protector that Griffin decided to use, being a glossy finish it looks like a mirror in highly lighted situations and attracts dust like a magnate, I would have loved for a matte finish. Overall though the case is rugged and very usable.

If you own either a iPod touch or iPhone, and want to totally protect it check out the Griffin Survivor Extreme-Duty Case.