HTML5 Put To The Test

The latest release of Internet Explorer 9 is put up to the test against the most popular browsers to test the HTML5 performance in Windows. Out of all the browsers that were tested, which includes IE9, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, the end result came to be that Firefox 3.7 was by far the best competitor in the HTML5 readiness race with Internet Explorer 9 in a very close second place. The test was simple, it was a HTML5 generation race to see what browser could produce 1,000 fish on the screen the fastest. Firefox was only about five percent in front of Internet Explorer 9 while Opera had an average generation rate somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately Chrome came in rock bottom last being the slowest to generate the fish wile running the CPU at 100%. The test system had all with hardware acceleration enabled and was optimized to run HTML5. Chrome defiantly has some room to catch up in the HTML5 race, while for Microsoft and Mozilla have an easy sail from here on out.