Youtube Adds Vuvuzela Option Into Videos

We all know that Google (and Youtube) likes to play pranks. Recently, Youtube added the vuvuzela feature into newer Youtube video players. The vuvuzela icon is represented by a soccer ball from the FIFA World Cup 2010 currently happening in South Africa. If you had been watching soccer or just watching the news, you probably know what is a vuvuzela. A vuvuzela is a long plastic horn that produces a loud monotone sound and used in South Africa for soccer games.

Now with the amount of that noise, constant buzzing for hours, television networks have taken measures to filter the noise out from viewers. But for people who dreadfully like the noise, there is a option. Now users can get that noise with almost any videos on Youtube.

When watching videos on Youtube with the new video player, an option will show a soccer ball icon on the bottom right of the video between the resolution selection and the video pop out. Upon clicking the icon, it will play a 3 second loop of a endless, incredibly annoying sound of many vuvuzella which sounds like a swarm of insects. The sound will play while the video is playing or even if the video is not playing until the option is shut off.

This option is not available to all videos, only the videos with the newer Youtube player. We suspect that this option will only last till the end of the FIFA World Cup. So if you want this noise in your videos, be sure to try it out.