iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

We’ve all seen and heard these rumors for the iPhone 5, there are many arguments and unclear parts of what these rumors actually mean. Lately though we’ve been subjected to searching multiple sites and finding rumors upon rumors can confuse users and be just plain outlandish. The number one question that I have into my inbox these days relates to my opinions on the upcoming predicted release of the iPhone 5 this summer.

A recent survey was done and after a lengthy process of weeding down the potential features of the next iPhone a list was made. It basically consists of design of the iPhone 5, either mirrored finish or the current glass finish. I hope they stay with the glass finish.

Some features that I hope never see the light of day include 1080p video mode and doing away with the home button. With the next release of iOS showing signs of having multi-touch gestures to switch apps we have to wonder if Apple is going to do away with the home button. We aren’t ready to do away with the home button and not all people will remember the specific swipes on the iPhone.

Also, since it’s conjoined release of a Verizon version we can expect a CDMA and GSM version of the phones on both networks. No word now on if they will be released at the same time or if one will be delayed. The release of the white iPhone 4 has not come yet and for good reason. The way the white gets put onto the glass is a very long and not cost efficient way. It is expected through that a white iPhone 5 will be available at the time of release with increased battery life.

Two things I am happy to see are the A5 processor and more RAM in the phone. If Apple does it right they will use the same processor that they are using in the iPad 2 and bring it over to the iPhone 5. If Apple wanted to add all these new features we can also expect for the phone to have 1GB of RAM instead of the current 512MB in the phone now.

With Verizon now in the iPhone market, Apple will most likely take advantage of their new 4G network and work in features with that. This could make Verizon the best network to have an iPhone 5 on because of the way it utilizes the 4G network and create a big market with streaming services with less lag and strain on the network.

Either way, we all know Apple makes their iPhone series bigger, better and faster than the previous versions. Check back here in June to July to find out what Apple has to offer with their expected release.