LogicLounge Switches To ASCII

LogicLounge Switches To ASCII


Nobody like data paying more for more data, especially home internet;  but they are spreading. Every month, you hear more and more companies changing their customers more just to use an internet service that used to be unlimited. In pressure from the ISP setting a set allowance of data, LogicLounge has made the announcement of switching over to a ASCII based website.

Compared to the current design, our new ASCII design will use a fraction of bandwidth needed to load the page. As the current website takes at least a few megabytes to load, our new ASCII designed site will only take a few megabytes to fully load. In order to do this, current and future images will be converted into text-based representation of the image. In addition to the modifications of the images of our website, current and future videos will take advantage of the new HASCII codec to display the video ASCII, reducing the data needed to watch the video to mere kilobytes.

Not only this will help people get under their monthly data allowance, it will also speed up load times. As text requires only a few kilobytes to load, anyone can load the website. Even people with dial-up  internet can load the website in mere seconds.

We believe that the new design will help our readers use less data and get more out of their monthly data allowance.

As of right now the website is in the process of switching over to the ASCII design. Expect LogicLounge to be transferred to the ASCII design by the end of April 1st.