LogicLounge To Be Only Viewable On Internet Explorer

LogicLounge is dedicated to bringing the people the highest quality technology news, but lately we’ve got fed up with all the complaints and emails people have sent us about our website not being compatible with other browsers such as Opera and IE6.

On a daily basis I get 20 emails complaining that the site looks weird on their browser and it needs to be fixed. All I’ve been able to do was suggest another browser and even then they still complain. I just got an email that went like this that just sent me over the edge:

Dear Craighton,

I’m fed up with your website, I run Firefox 2.0 and every time I go to your site something is broken and I cannot get to your articles easily.

When I go to look at your videos that it seems you do regularly it says I need something called flash player? I don’t know what this is, it looks like something harmful and I don’t want to download it.

Just do me a favor and fix your site please. I hear highly of your site and staff but because I am having trouble with your site I cannot see this work my friends tell me about. I like the old sites, take a clue from my space and add some GIFs here and there, please fix it!!!



Frankly people who send me emails like this just shorten my fuse and I’ve had it will all the complaining and people telling me to change MY DESIGN. I’ve tested many browsers and decided that Internet Explorer is the most popular browser out there so as of tonight I will be putting a block in for all people not using an Internet Explorer browser.

Do me a favor, download Internet Explorer and just use it. It works better and would stop all these emails.