LogicWeekly 05: You’ve Got FMail

This we we talk about lots of rumors floating around Facebook and a possible mail application coming from them. We are also talking about some new XBox updates and how they affect you with the release of the new Kinect. And we have some laughs about the new social media browser RockMelt. Listen to those stories and a whole lote more in the episode below.

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Hosts: Craighton Miller and Dan Wood

This show is sponsored by Audible

  • Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Now Available – LINK
  • 4chan Users Try to DDoS Tumblr, Tumblrs Raid 4chan in Revenge – LINK
  • You’ve Got FMail – LINK
  • GoDaddy Replaces .Com with .Co, Now Default Choice – LINK
  • Boxcar 4.0 Pushes iPhone Notifications To The Next Level – LINK
  • Facebook To Build Its Second Data Center To The Tune Of $450 Million – LINK
  • iTunes Ping Actually Goes Social With Full Twitter Integration; Careful, It Will Auto-Tweet – LINK
  • Between A RockMelt And A Hard Place: The Quest For The Social Browser – LINK
  • Facebook Acquires Fb.com, Set to Launch E-mail Service – LINK
  • GOOG-411 shuts down, but there’s an alternative – LINK
  • iOS 4.2 Delayed AGAIN – LINK