LogicWeekly 08: WikiLeaks No More

WikiLeaks is in the news once again, but now for a different reason. Most of the orgional staff of WikiLeaks have formed an off shoot company called OpenLeaks. Our speakers also give us an insight on the new Google Chrome OS Laptop and what they think of its functionality and how good it could be.

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Hosts: Craighton Miller and Dan Wood

Guest: EricJess

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  • Chrome Web Store Sales Almost Non Existant – LINK
  • To Thwart Further Leaks, U.S. Military Bans USB Drives & Other Removable Disks – LINK
  • Former WikiLeaks Members Form “Openleaks” – LINK
  • Reuters: iPad 2 Has Two Cameras, Better Display, Coming Early Next Year – LINK
  • Microsoft Co-Founder Loses Round One in Lawsuit Against Google, Apple & Facebook – LINK
  • Here’s The Cr-48, The First Chrome OS Laptop You Can Never Buy – LINK
  • What Is This Weird Opening On These iPad 2 Cases? (Updated) – LINK
  • FCC report finds 68 percent of US broadband connections aren’t really broadband – LINK
  • Should You Accept Mom & Dad’s Facebook Friend Request? [FLOWCHART] – LINK