LogicWeekly 11: An Episode Lost In Time

Hello podcast listeners! When we usually record this podcast on Sundays we just record and easily import the podcast into our audio editor and export it with our layout. I am sorry to say that this week we cannot bring you LogicWeekly because the recording program that we used had a malfunction and corrupted the audio file leaving us with nothing to work with. What we do have is below all the articles we did talk about with our co-hosts and guest. Enjoy!

Hosts: Craighton Miller and Dan Wood

Guest: Josh Gillner

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  • Google: Spam Really Has Increased Lately. We’re Fixing That, And Content Farms Are Next – LINK
  • Eric Schmidt to Sell $335 Million of His Google Shares – LINK
  • How Larry Page’s Google Will Operate – LINK
  • Larry Page To Replace Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google – LINK
  • Facebook Raises $1.5 Billion At $50 Billion Valuation – LINK
  • Google to Launch Groupon Competitor [EXCLUSIVE] – LINK
  • Our Biggest iOS Annoyances and How to Fix Them – LINK
  • Google Replaces ‘Reader’ Link With ‘Photos’ In Gmail, Users In A Tizzy – LINK
  • iOS 4.3 beta suggests iPad 2 has one megapixel rear camera – LINK
  • Google Voice now lets you port your own phone number, maybe (update) – LINK
  • Twitter Gets Sued For Letting Famous People Interact Online – LINK
  • First Verizon iPhone Commercial: It Begins – LINK
  • Apple Investigating Multi-Touch Display for Magic Mouse, Haptic Feedback for Virtual Keyboards? – LINK
  • FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth Icons Confirm Camera in iPad 2 – LINK