LogicWeekly 14: Should You Really Get An iPad 2?

The iPad 2 is finally out. One of our hosts is looking foward to it and can’t wait to get his hands on it. On the day of recording the U.S. had daylight savings and many iPhones were having problems with reverting to daylight savings time and jumping back one hour. We also talk about current news in Japan with the huge earthquake and explains what is really going on in the tech world related to it.

Hosts: Craighton Miller and Dan Wood

Guest: Gio

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  • Verizon iPhones Fell Back an Hour Instead of Springing Ahead – LINK
  • Apple & Microsoft Take Different Approaches to Japan Relief – LINK
  • Facebook Adds Ability to Easily Tag Others In Comments – LINK
  • Twitter to Devs: Don’t Make Twitter Clients… Or Else – LINK
  • The ‘Godzilla’ Incident: Did Twitter Users Gang Up on CNN Earthquake Anchor? – LINK
  • Sprint’s Dan Hesse differentiates between unlimited and ‘unlimited’ in latest TV spot – LINK
  • Apple doubles down on in-app purchasing security in iOS 4.3, password now required – LINK
  • IE9 launches at SXSW – LINK